GAFSP official extols farmer’s efforts to create wealth through improved farming practices

The Program Head of the World Bank-Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP) Ms. Natasha Hayward has commended efforts made by farmers in Rwamagana district, Eastern Province to create wealth through improved farming practices.

Rwamagana site is one of the Sustainable Agriculture Intensification and Food security Project (SAIP) intervention sites across the country that were developed by the completed project Land Husbandry Water Harvesting and Hillside Irrigation Project (LWH) funded by the World Bank.

During the field visit to Rwamagana, Ms. Hayward was welcomed by Mr. Radjab Mbonyumuvunyi, Mayor of Rwamagana District, Dr. Charles Bucagu, Deputy Director General of Agriculture Research and Technology Transfer, Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB), Mr. Jean Marie Vianney Kagenza, Acting Coordinator, SPIU SAIP/RCSP, and farmers, among other officials. 

Ms. Hayward and her delegation visited Rwamagana hillside irrigation scheme, horticultural crop fields and later on held discussions with farmers.

At the meeting farmers shared testimonies on a wide range of practices that had ultimately promoted sustainable agriculture and, poverty alleviation in the area.

“We are happy for the support we get from the GAFSP fund and the World Bank through SAIP. The project has taught us better farming practices which has increased our yields. We have been organised in self help groups and cooperatives which has strengthened our social cohesion,” said Jacqueline Marie Gaudance Mujawamariya, one of the farmers.

She said that the project has assisted them to add value to their crops through good agricultural practices and improve marketing of their produce through support in the building of their technical and business capacities.

During the visit, Ms. Hayward expressed satisfaction with the progress of the implementation of the project’s activities.

“It’s fantastic opportunity to come and see for ourselves what some of our financing programs contribute, but also the partnership between ourselves, the government and farmers, is able to achieve. I thank the farmers for being able to share with us their great testimonies,” Ms. Hayward told farmers.

She added: “For us to hear how several years of efforts has led to the transformation of this area initially with the support of LWH and now with SAIP, we are really  impressed by your efforts to make this land productive throughout the year.

Ms. Hayward assured farmers of GAFSP’s continued support to ensure that they achieve food security target, improve livelihoods and incomes and as well as strengthened value chains and established stronger farmer-market links.

Rwamagana site is one of the Sustainable Agriculture Intensification and Food security Project (SAIP) developed sites and is located in Eastern Province in Rwamagana District, on the main road from Kigali to Rwamagana town, at about 45 min drive from Kigali city. The total site developed with comprehensive land husbandry technologies on 1,272 hectares for the rain-fed area and 267 ha for hillside irrigation. The site covers three sectors of Nzige, Mwulire, Rubona and Gahengeri.

SAIP’s main development objective is to increase agricultural productivity, market access, and food security of the targeted beneficiaries in the project intervention areas across the country.