Kayonza district, SAIP, farmers reaffirm commitment to improve agricultural production

Kayonza district local leaders, Sustainable Agricultural Intensification and Food Security Project (SAIP) authorities and farmers in the Project site in Kayonza have reaffirmed commitment to strengthen partnership to achieve accelerated agricultural production in the area.

They made the commitment during the stakeholders meeting that was organized by SAIP to discuss ways to strengthen partnership among Kayonza District authorities, Project beneficiaries (farmers) and the SAIP for increased sustainable productivity of farmers. 

“The project has created an enabling environment for improved agricultural practices in Kayonza District through irrigation system, post harvest structures and terraced land. Now, it’s time for you to ensure the sustainability of these infrastructures to achieve better and increased yield,” said Ms Hope Munganyinka, Vice Mayor in charge of Economic Development at Kayonza District told farmers at the meeting.

She added that in order to make sustainable use of the Project support, farmers are required to put in much effort in protecting and safeguarding those infrastructures.

The meeting was chaired by Munganyinka and it was an interactive discussion where partnership between the district, SAIP and farmers was highlighted and strengthened to achieve the SAIP objective in Kayonza district.

The meeting was organized by SAIP to discuss ways to strengthen partnership among Kayonza District authorities, Project beneficiaries (farmers) and the SAIP authorities for increased sustainable

Speaking at the meeting Ms Sarah Nyiramutangwa, Acting Manager SAIP said that Project is committed to support farmers to increase farming knowledge, incomes, and as well as helping them develop improved business skills.

“The Project has facilitated farmers to access improved agricultural inputs and as well as trained them on key life skills – such as how to eat more healthily and improve diets within their whole community,” said Nyiramutangwa.

Nyiramutangwa appealed to Kayonza District authorities to support SAIP’s efforts to improve the livelihoods and incomes of farmers in the area.

She reaffirmed SAIP’s commitment to facilitate farmers’ access viable markets encouraging them to produce more and more for home consumption and for export markets.

Challenges affecting agricultural production in the project was highlighted in the meeting most especially the issue of hippos from a nearby dam that raid farmers crop fields destroying their crops among others. Numerous solutions to the challenges were discussed and agreed upon.

The meeting emphasised that strong partnership between farmers, district authorities and the Project is key to achieve SAIP objective and agriculture development in the district.

One of the farmers, Ms Dancile Mukandayisenga said that stakeholders meetings enable them to address challenges affecting them as they embark on commercial agriculture.

“We thank SAIP for facilitating us to increase agricultural production. Because of SAIP, we are able to get enough yield for home consumption and surplus for markets,” she said.

At the meeting stakeholders renewed their pledge to deepen the strategic partnerships with SAIP to implement sustainable solutions and address critical agricultural challenges in the district. 

Through SAIP support, farmers in Kayonza District have taken initiatives such as the use of land management techniques, the production of compost and improved farming methods and as well as hillside irrigation scheme which have greatly increased crop produce hence improved livelihoods.

SAIP’s main development objective is to increase agricultural productivity, market access, and food security of the targeted beneficiaries in the project intervention areas across the country.