Rural Community Support Project (RCSP)

Rural Community Support Project (RCSP) is a project funded by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). The Project is implemented under Single Project Implementation Unit (SPIU) of the Rwanda Agricultural and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB). 

The project aims to increase agricultural productivity of farmers in the marshlands and hillsides, increase farmers’ income and strengthen the participation of beneficiary farmers with ownership based on the diligence, self-help and cooperative, mindset approach. It targets rural farmer groups and individuals most especially smallholders in intervention areas producing rice, maize, beans, horticulture (fruits and vegetables) and other crops.

RCSP is implemented in seven sites namely; Ruterana in Muhanga District;  Kajevuba and Ruzigambogo in Gasabo District; Kanyonyomba in Gatsibo District; Rwinkwavu in Kayonza District; Bwanya in Gicumbi and Gatsibo Districts and  Gakenke in Gakenke District.