Rwinkwavu site

Rwinkwavu site was one of the RCSP Project sites located in eastern Province, Kayonza District and lies between Mwiri, Gahini and Rwinkwavu sectors.  It is located at agro-climatic zone of eastern savanna characterized by; rolling grassland with scattered trees and shrubs, short period of rain and long dry seasons and often large herds of grazing animals on the savanna that thrive on the presence of grass and trees.

Maize grown in Rwankwavu site after adoption of improved agricultural practices by farmers.

Farmer’s organization

The project beneficiaries in Rwinkwavu site are made up of 3,152 households (1,605 males and 1,547 females). All beneficiaries belong to one cooperative and one Water Users Association (WUA). A total area in lower marshland developed by RCSP is on 462ha.

Capacity building of farmers 

·       The Project saw the establishment of 79 demonstration farming and farmers field school on cereals, roots and horticulture crops.

·       90 people including 75 males and 15 females trained on operation and maintenance of irrigation infrastructures.

·       459 farmers were trained on modern farming techniques.

·       166 went to study tour on rice value chain and cooperative management.

·       Inputs support through micro-credit of Rwf37,288,590 for season B 2020 activities.

·       Prize awards to 21 winners including 6 SHGs and 15 individual farmers grouped in 5 categories.

 Impacts of the project in Rwinkwavu site

•    Marshland development with irrigation system through construction of; Water reservoir (Kageyo road dyke) of 5 million m3, irrigation canal of 65,000m including; 15,700m of main canal, 12,300m of secondary canal and 37,00m of tertiary canal, feeder canal of 8,590m, main drain of 6,800m, lining canal of   1,700m of lining canal.

•        Construction of access road of 8.55km, two bridge and 19 road crossing;

•        Sustainable hillside Management of 0.9ha

•        Construction of one storage and 2 drying facilities.

•        1,004 people received the plots through land distribution,

•        Distribution of equipment to KOIKA Cooperative:

•        IT and office equipment such as one desktop computer and one printer,

•        Post-harvest facilities like; two weighing scales, 150 pallets, 200 sheetings, 2 maize threshers, 2 rice threshers machines, 2 moisture meters and two winnowers machines and 3 solar bubble dryer.